Orwell Township

Geography, Topography, and History

The Township of Orwell is located near the northeastern corner of the County. The Township is bounded to the northeast by Warren Township, to the southeast by Pike Township, to the south by Herrick Township, to the southwest by Wysox Township, to the west by Rome Township, and to the North by Windham Township. There are several streams that run through the Township including: Beaver Creek, Johnson Creek, Trout Stream and Trout Brook. Two major thoroughfares include State Route 187, which runs north and west in the Township, and State Route 467, that runs through the Township east and west.

The Township was formerly known as Mt. Zion, dating back to 1801, until the name was officially changed in 1812. The Township’s name comes from a town in Vermont. In 1796, the first settlement in the Township was by Francis Mesusan and David Russell. Clarissa Woodruff taught the first school in 1803. In 1813, the land was divided to form Warren Township, Windham Township, and Pike Township. In 1830, the last land division occurring in Orwell formed Rome Township.

Local Government and Current Data

The governing council for the Township of Orwell consists of three elected supervisors and a secretary. The Township has opted out of organizing a planning commission, comprehensive plan, and zoning regulations. All of Orwell’s subdivisions and land developments must get approval from the Office of Planning and Grants for Bradford County.

The Township of Orwell has several religious chapels as well as a museum within to name a few points of interest in Orwell. The following churches are located within the Township: Orwell Bible Church, Bumpville Bible Church, United Methodist Church & Parsonage, Presbyterian Church, and Windham Summit Bible Church. The Home Textile Tool Museum can be found in Orwell Township, and allows visitors to see and try common tools used in early America and include spinning wheels, and looms to name a few items on display.

Tax Millage for 2017:



Allis Hollow
Conklin Corners
North Orwell
South Hill
Wells Hollow

School District:

Northeast Bradford Area School District

FEMA Community Panel Number:


Population Demographics:

Total Population....1,103
Population Density....34.4
Square Miles....31.9
Population under 18....27.1%
Population over 65....14.1%
High School Graduates....81%
Higher Education Graduates...18.9%

Household Statistics:

Housing Units....462
Median Housing Values....$71,100
Median Rent....$384
Per Capita Income....$15,055
Median Family Income....$42,500
Population Below Poverty Level....6.3%

Emergency Services:

Fire Coverage: Herrick Township Vol Fire Department
LeRaysville-Pike Vol. Fire Department
Vigilante Vol. Fire Department
Ambulance Coverage: H.O.P.S. Ambulance
Police Protection: Pennsylvania State Police

Public Utilities:

Electric Company: Penelec
Gas Company: N/A
Water Company: N/A
Sewerage Facilities: N/A
Telephone Company: Frontier Communications


Milton Robinson, Chairman (570) 744-2969
Chad Cooley
Jeffrey Robbins


Mia Beebe (570) 744-1388

Mailing address:

205 Main Street
LeRaysville, PA 18829


Wm. Alan Shaw (570) 888-7753


Last Tuesday of the Month @ 6:00 p.m.
(with the exception of holidays)