Armenia Township

Geography, Topography, and History

Armenia Township is situated in the Armenian Mountains, 2000 feet above sea level on the southwest edge of the County. The Township is bounded to the north by Columbia Township, to the east by Troy and Canton Township, to the south by Canton, and to the west by Ward and Sullivan Townships in Tioga County. The Tioga River flows easterly into the Township and ends near the center of the Township. There are several other smaller tributaries that flow throughout the township as well. In 1843, Armenia Township formed from Troy and Canton. In 1808, a man named Wilson first settled Armenia Township. It wasn’t until 1834 when Armenia Township saw its first schoolhouse built from logs. The building served dual occupancies both as a church and school for nearly ten years.

Local Government and Current Data

Three elected supervisors govern the Township of Armenia. The Township employs a secretary. The Township is currently without a planning commission and zoning regulations. The Bradford County Office of Planning handles all of the Township’s subdivisions and land developments.

The Armenian Mountains in which the Township is situated, has allowed for an exciting new development to occur in the area that expects to be completed in the fall of 2009. AES, which is a company that helps create renewable energy sources, has proposed a wind farm in Armenia Township and Sullivan County. There are a total of 124 turbines that includes 52 turbines in the Township. With the energy crisis upon us, the US is hoping to include more alternative renewable resources in the future; the Armenia Mountain Wind Energy Project marks the first industrial wind turbines to be erected in Bradford County.

Tax Millage for 2017




School District:

Troy Area School District

FEMA Community Panel Number:


Population Demographics:

Total Population....172
Population Density....9.2
Square Miles....18.1
Population under 18....19.9%
Population over 65....16.3%
High School Graduates....66.9%
Higher Education Graduates...7.3%

Household Statistics:

Housing Units....155
Median Housing Values....$76,700
Median Rent....$375
Per Capita Income....$13,005
Median Family Income....$32,813
Population Below Poverty Level....12.1%

Emergency Services:

Fire Coverage: Troy Volunteer Fire Department
Ambulance Coverage: Western Alliance Emergency Services
Police Protection: Pennsylvania State Police

Public Utilities:

Electric Company: Tri-County Rural Electric Company
Gas Company: PPL Gas Utilities
Water Company: N/A
Sewerage Facilities: N/A
Telephone Company: Frontier Communications


Steven Harris (570) 673-5684
Chad Harwick (570) 297-4826
Wayne Morgan (570) 297-4805


Mallory Babcock (570) 297-4474

Office Hours

Tuesday and Thursday
8:00 a.m. -12:00 p.m.

Mailing address:

2162 Fallbrook Road
Troy, PA 16947

Twp Building phone: 297-4474 fax 297-4475


Harold Caldwell


2nd Thursday of the Month

Armenia Township Office
2162 Fallbrook Road
Troy, PA 16947