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The Treasurer is responsible for all County monies and physically handles all income and disbursements, issuing a receipt for each source of payment and personally signing all disbursement check authorized by the three County Commissioners. The Treasurer's Office is the central receiving point for all row office and departmental fees which are generated through their respective offices. The Treasurer is the official tax collector for the county. Each year the Assessment Office furnishes the Treasurer with a list of real estate taxes charged to each tax collector in the county. The Treasurer is responsible for the maintaining proper bookkeeping records of transaction charges to, payments for and settlement by each tax collector. The Treasurer must certify to the Commissioners at year's end that a tax collector has settled his account for the current year or the new tax duplicate for the coming year cannot be released.

The Treasurer is also an agent for the Commonwealth, issuing fishing licenses for the Fish and Boat Commission, hunting and doe licenses for the game Commission and dog licenses for the Department of Agriculture. The Treasurer also sells sportsman firearms permits for the PA State Police as well as issuing games of chance and bingo licenses to non-profit groups.

Office Services

Services of the Treasurer’s Office include the investment of county funds, agent for Commonwealth selling dog licenses, sportsmen pistol permits, fishing licenses. The office also provides small games of change licenses and bingo licenses. Acting as the Tax Claim Bureau for the county the office collects delinquent real estate taxes.


Becky Clark:
Becky is a graduate of Towanda Area High School, degree from Central City Business Institute in Syracuse, NY. She is a member of County Treasurer's Association of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, president Towanda Business Women and a member Towanda Lions Club.

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Bradford County Courthouse
301 Main Street
Towanda, PA 18848
Phone: (570) 265-1700
Fax: (570) 265-1729

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Dog License Application

Small Games of Chance Application Overview

Small Games of Chance Application

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