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The coroner works in conjunction with the police or sheriff to investigate all county deaths of a violent nature, by undue means, or where a crime may have been committed (accident, homicide, or suicide). The coroner may hold an inquest to determine how the person died and other facts concerning the death. As soon as the coroner completes his investigation of the cause and manner of death he files the death certificate with the local registrar who certifies it. The death certificate is then filed with the State.

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It is the duty of the coroner to issue cremation permits on all bodies to be cremated that died in Bradford County. The county coroner is also a conservator of the peace, having the same powers as the Sheriff. The coroner serves as Sheriff when the Office of Sheriff is vacant, or when the Sheriff is interested, partial, or prejudiced in a case. The Coroner's Office is a law enforcement office and the coroner is a law enforcement official.


Thomas M. Carman:
Thomas M Carman has served with the Bradford County Coroner’s office since 1999. Coroner Carman first became certified in 1999 through the Office of Attorney General and the Coroners Education Board. Coroner Carman attended the Pa. State Police Academy in Hershey, Pa., participating in the Coroners Education Course. Coroner Carman attended Corning Community College for paramedicine. Coroner Carman has been practicing street medicine since 1983 and currently serves as the Executive Director/CEO for Western Alliance Emergency Services, Inc. Coroner Carman is a Certified Medical Investigator through the American Board of Forensic Medicine. Coroner Carman passed his American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators board examination in Nevada in 2009, and is now a board certified Medicolegal Death Investigator. Coroner Carman participated at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, Pa., completing Advanced Topics in Forensic Science; Investigating Religious and Ritualistic Crime. Coroner Carman has had a multitude of forensic training including Forensic Photography, Advanced Criminalistics, Criminal Investigation, Advanced Interviewing and Interrogation, Crime Scene Reconstruction, and several other topics. Coroner Carman participated with a short course on Forensic Anthropology at Mercyhurst University in Erie, Pa. Coroner Carman is certified in Advanced Practical Homicide Investigation, and remains a member of the Pa. Homicide Investigators Association.

Coroner Carman is a member of multiple associations including American College of Forensic Examiners Institute, Pennsylvania Coroners Association where he serves on the Police Liaison committee, International Association of Coroners & Medical Examiners, International Homicide Investigators Association, Bradford County Gas Well Protection committee, Pennsylvania Sheriffs Association, Troy Community Hospital Disaster Committee, Bradford County Firemen’s Association, Guthrie Healthcare Community Drug Outreach Committee. Coroner Carman is the chairman for the Bradford County Child Death Review Team, a member of the Multi-Disciplinary Team for the Children’s Advocacy Center at the Children’s House in Towanda, Pa. and is a life member of the Canton Fire Department. Coroner Carman serves as a board member for the Children’s Advocacy Center and Emergency Medical Services of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Coroner Carman remains active with meeting the educational needs of fire, law enforcement, and medical personnel as an instructor of many forensic and medical programs for the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Bucks County Community College, American Heart Association, and International Trauma Life Support. Coroner Carman is a past guest speaker at Lackawanna College presenting Basic Death Investigation tactics to the forensic class students. Coroner Carman participates in multiple drug awareness programs throughout the communities of Bradford County, as well as, the Narcotic Overdose Prevention Education program designed the school districts. Coroner Carman has been a public servant since 1983 and remains as such today.

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