The Commissioners of Bradford and Sullivan County appoint the MH/ID Advisory Board members, constituting representation of residents from both counties. The Board consists of 13 members representing a broad vocational background. The purpose of the Board is to review mental health and intellectual disability needs, services, and special problems in relation to the health and welfare needs, services and programs in the area. The Board makes recommendations to the MH/ID Administrator and County Commissioners for programs and/or changes to programs to meet the needs of the consumers in the area.

Meetings Times & Dates

The Board meets four times a year to review the events and accomplishments of the MH/ID Program and to discuss budgetary issues. The Board is presented with updates by provider agencies to keep them well informed about the services available to, and being provided to consumers.

Board Members

Jamie Weis - Chair
Lynn Mitchell – Vice Chair
Lisa Wilcox - Secretary

Paul Sweitzer
Tara Arnold
Daniel Cook
Ellen Koschak
Michael Miller
Mary Olisky
Janice Otis
Renee Rickert

Ed Bustin – Bradford County Commissioner Representative
Donna Iannone – Sullivan County Commissioner Representative