Inmate Visitor Info

Inmate Visitors Please Read This:

Visitation is scheduled by inmates on Sunday for the following Monday through Friday. It is their responsibility to notify who they want to visit and when it is scheduled. All visits are secure visitation type, not contact visitation type.Visitation information is not released by the facility staff. We do not have open visits for inmates.

All visitors must sign in and out.All visitors must present a photo ID prior to each visit to the clerk. Birth certificates must be presented for anyone under 18 years old with the documented parent present. Otherwise, legal documentation for custody must be presented with the legal custodian present in addition to the birth certificate.

Absolutely no food, drink, hats, coats, keys, purses, diaper bags, car seats, weapons, tobacco products, cell phones or other items allowed in the secure visitation area. You are responsible to bring in only your ID and any monies for deposits. Lockers are available for use with a quarter deposit. All visitors are to wear modest attire. No halters, tank tops, short shorts, short skirts or see through clothing allowed. All shirts must have sleeves. Visitors may be turned away if any of the above is not complied.

Visitors damaging any Bradford County Correctional Facility property will pay for the repairs and may lose visitation privileges as well as inmates may lose privileges.

There is an in-house kiosk for deposits that accepts cash (no $1.00 bills) or credit card and includes a surcharge fee. The deposits are done twice weekly, Mondays at 9am and Fridays at 11am (schedule may change due to holidays). Money orders made out to the inmates name will be accepted by mail.