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The Bradford County 911 Center is staffed with one Director, one QA Supervisor, eight full-time certified dispatchers and three part-time certified dispatchers. All dispatchers hold National certification in Emergency Medical Dispatch and are either certified Emergency Medical Technicians or Firefighter I. The 911 Center handles approximately 150 calls for service per day or 54,000 calls per year.

Bradford County is the second largest County in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Its vast area extends forty miles along the New York state border. There are 904.3 miles of state and federal highways, and 1,591 of surfaced secondary and municipal roads. We serve approximately 63,000 residents of Bradford County.

Department Services

The Bradford County 911 center answers call from fourteen boroughs, and thirty seven townships. We dispatch for 25 volunteer fire departments, 10 Local Police agencies, 3 Advanced Life Support EMS agencies, 7 Basic Life Support Ambulance services, the Bradford County Sheriff’s Department, Bradford County Probation, Bradford County Coroner, Bradford County EMA, Red Cross, Children & Youth Services, and Area Agency on Aging.


Robert Repasky:

Robert was appointed 911 Director on 9/1/07 after being Deputy Director. He is a certified Firefighter I, a PA State Fire Instructor, Emergency Medical Dispatcher, APCO Communications Training Officer, and currently is Fire Chief for the Borough of Sayre and a Rescue Technician with Greater Valley EMS. He holds a college degree in Business Management. Robert is a lifelong resident of Bradford County and resides in Sayre.


Why do you ask so many questions when I call 911?
When a call is received on 911, it is the dispatchers responsibility to get as much information from the caller as possible. The most important questions are location of emergency, phone number you're calling from, and your name. These questions are essential in case the call is lost. The next series of question pertain to the type of emergency, what happened, and who is hurt. For a police incident we need to know what is going on, how many people are involved if it's a fight or a domestic. If any weapons are involved, and which way the person may have run. For a medical call, we need to know what is going on with the patient in case it's something we can help the caller with such as CPR. If it's a motor vehicle accident we need to know how many people are injured, if they are entrapped, how many cars are involved, what type of vehicles are involved. For a fire, we need to know what is burning, if everyone is out of the building, how much is burning and any special directions.

How do I call in a controlled burn?
The non-emergency number for the 911 center is 570-265-9101. Please do not call 911 to report a controlled burn. We will need to know the name of the residence, the address of the burn, the township you're located in, and the call back phone number.

Why don't I get answered right away when I call on the radio?
You may not be the only one calling at that time. Remember, the dispatchers answer numerous 911 lines, individual police lines, also lines for the sheriff department, CYS, Red Cross, etc. Plus answering radio traffic for police, fire, EMS, EMA, etc. The dispatcher may have heard you, they just didn't have a free hand to answer you.

Why don't I get acknowledged when I respond?
The standard operating procedure for any units responding is to acknowledge the Chief officers, the units responding, and the first unit on scene. You can say you're responding and it is recorded if needed later on, but please don't keep calling to be acknowledged. The dispatcher may be too busy to answer every person calling.

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